Recycle with me

Forbenchity bench


ForBenchCity becomes an educational game for the whole community, where recycling is transformed into a collective work of art in action.

It is a bench that "collects" various types of waste. The mesh structure slowly reveals strips of colour, formed by images or lettering, that take shape with each new item of waste deposited.


Once filled, this bench-collector becomes a work of art for the whole community. And each image or lettering can be easily replaced to begin a new cycle of participatory art and conscious recycling.


- Made entirely from salvaged post-consumer materials
- Supporting structure in discarded production of mesh and iron rods
- Discarded production of Plexiglass strips
- Bags in "Mater-bi"
- The paint used is water-based (rather than epoxy) with low VOC emissions*

*hazardous substances thought to contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer


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