LUCA GNIZIO - Transforming Post Consumer Material into Art and design

Carbon fibre, plastic, marble, tyre ply and old blue jeans appear to have little in common and yet one artist has used them all as media to express his creativity and intuition and, especially, his passion for protecting the environment.

Luca Gnizio, 37 and originally from the northern Italian town of Lodi, studied industrial design in Milan, where he also began his career and his quest to transform manufacturing refuse from an ecological and social cost into a precious commodity.

Gnizio pioneered expertise in this field and is acclaimed internationally.

World leaders such as BMW, Piaggio, X Bionic, SGL Carbon and Levi Strauss are among the multinationals commissioning Gnizio, with his innovative approach, to create new value from the leftovers of the manufacturing cycle.

The non-profit marble industry consortium, Cosmave, which is based on the Tuscan Coast, where, in the town of Viareggio, Gnizio has now found his spiritual home, also needed a solution to the problem of marble waste.

In his project, spanning the production processes of 80 companies, which he analysed down to the last chip, Gnizio created a medium for amalgamating industry, community and environmental protection.

As the world’s first EcoSocial Designer and with more than a decade of success, Gnizio already owns two patents based on recycled carbon fibre, an example of which is a permanent art exhibit, “ForVeniceMask”, at the Murano Glass Museum.