A site-specific project in Pietrasanta, Italy to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Cosmave
consortium has been turned into a vast sustainability festival and to - REUSE OF THE
WASTE/LEFTOVERS OF PRODUCTION OF 54 marble COMPANIES “projects are based on the principle that people must be informed and prodded into taking action to help and support the environment and the socially needy”. So, I devised a participated initiative and set up a permanent installation for the Piazza del Duomo in Pietrasanta. This work has been shaped from what is known as “marmettola” – marble dust
from the local marble quarries.
With the addition of resins, this waste product turns into a kind of a modelling clay for 24
hours, open to all sorts of creative use..
So, Luca Gnizio is not only proposing a social project for the community, he is also offering a
new way of using something that had previously been considered worthless, by turning it into
something entertaining and real. An eco-sustainable idea that is intimately tied to the
territory and to its traditions.