FORVENICEMASK at Museum of Glass in Murano
Forvenicemask by Luca Gnizio on permanent display at the Museum of Murano.

Gnizio, an ecosocial artist, for more than 10 years engaged in creating and recycling solutions from industrial waste, presents a
work that is a warning to our rampant pollution. A moving circle that grows at the expense of our still pure and living space (environment).
In addition to the intrinsic meaning of the work of Gnizio, we note for the first time the insertion of a recycled carbon fiber fabric inside the glass; an artist's patent that adds a new thought to the
world of glass.

Pollution seen as a mask that hides, changes its appearance, gets bigger, moves and has two sides. In fact, if on one side it is attractive, where the carbon fiber becomes silvery, just as we consider beautiful and sensible the products which contribute to pollution, just observe the mask from a different angle which reveals
all of its black.

According to Gnizio, the new art must therefore be an innovation to
help both: ecology and society.