This is a revolutionary Packaging with a very high ambition. Today, plastic represents a major pollution element and packing is one of the most complex issues to solve. Luca Gnizio took the challenge to study and develop a new style of multiple pluriball packaging, using recycled low density polyethylene. Gnizio designed a completely new packaging type by over-posing layers of pluriball so that a "mat" packaging is created.

From a technical standpoint, the packing technology is simply based on the air, confined in the pluriball and among the different layers of the pluriball. This choice  offers the correct degree of protection, the multilayer mat let users save also the cost of additional packing material inside, the pluriball mat is very thick and protection is ensured.

Inside the packaging, finally, there will be no need to insert the much polluting and bulky polystyrene, because the object can be protected and anchored with voluminous and customizable "mats" depending on the object to be packaged/wrapped.

The external layer will be strong in case of laceration risk, while inside layers are thinner and soft for a better protection. Scotch-tape can be avoided, since the closing of the package is done with a string.

From a production standpoint, the die cutting, is a very cheap method.

From the users point of view, since air do the big part of the buffering  (air in each pluriball and between each pluriball layer), this packaging it is also a very strong marketing tool, a black ecological parcel among all brown carton competition. Many companies spend a lot of money to personalize packing. Black is new and definitively trendy.

Besides all above advantages, this Gnizio packaging is fully water and shock resistant (due to his semirigid structure), soft and very protective inside.

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