ESCAPE Armchair with BMW

Luca Gnizio liberates your creativity, thanks to a partnership with BMW and SGL Carbon group.

delivering together their armchair-sculpture ESCAPE.

Creating new forms is now no longer only the realm of the designer, but can include your customers, in fact you can model and transform your own armchair-sculpture as you like.

This is possible , thanks to an ecological Luca Gnizio's patent material, created from recycled carbon fibres.

The material’s appearance, both in  colour and texture, resemble the thinnest leaf of black marble, easy to adapt as it is as soft as a fabric.

But that’s not all! Escape armchair-sculpture, can surprise you in many ways, in fact changing the direction of the light passing through it, the surface which first appears to be marble becomes instantly transparent, allowing you to see the individual fibres of recycled carbon from which it is composed.

Created by hand and MADE in ITALY Escape armchair –sculpture is similar to the work of a bespoke tailor like the sophisticated finishes typical of BMW.

This innovative armchair-sculpture has been entirely realized from recovered materials, even the carbon fibres used during construction utilize a special Soft Carbon technology which is 100% Ecofriendly and the sculpture is 100% recyclable.

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